What We Offer to Our Employees?

Global Function Services has a lot of opportunities that contribute to your personal and professional development.  We make sure that we create challenge and reward our high-performing people.

Unique career options

Serving at Global Function Services is a great way to explore your areas of interest.  You will work with the world’s leading companies, from incumbents to start-ups and enjoy a wide range of industry and functional opportunities.

Unique leadership experiences

Leadership at GFS has different aspects.  You will certainly have the opportunity to develop personal leadership skills by leading and coaching teams.  You will also develop as an expert in your particular field of interest.   And, finally, you will be given opportunities and support as you take charge of your career, since Global Function Services offers a flexibility to determine not only where you go but also how far you go.

Unique learning and development experiences

Most of your learning will materialize on the job where employees learn by undertaking respective composite issues.  You will receive regular constructive feedback as coaching and mentoring.  Global Function Services also takes your learning seriously by providing formal training as and when required.

What We are Looking for?

We are looking for people with a strong academic record less than three years work experience and excellent English communication skills.  Not only these, but candidates must also possess capability in the following areas:

Global Function Services, help clients solve challenging issues in their businesses and implement the solutions.  This not only requires outstanding intellectual abilities and hardship, but also requires good pragmatic sense of what works and does not work in complex situations;

Global Function Services constantly strive to deliver typical client service.  To achieve this while handling multiple projects at much tight deadlines requires outstanding energy, determination and judgment.

Global Function Services work with an extensive range of individuals in day-to-day jobs.  Acquiring and enforcing sound testimonials requires a liaison with these individuals.  Skills in interacting with people in problematic situations are vital to aiming typical client impact.

Guiding people and upbringing effective teamwork is a key to success both within Global Function Services and with our clients.  We need outstanding leadership skills in order to drive positive change in complex systems.

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